Thursday, October 20, 2005

Of Hats and a Camera, and Still More Yarn...
I've been to the LYS again today. Not where I work, the other one. Trader? Perhaps, but they have different yarn. But couple this with the fact that I do not get that nice little discount I'm accustomed to, and let's just say I almost fell over when it was time to pay. So I have to sell at least four hats at the farmers market this weekend just to cover the sins of the day. Nevermind all the other yarn I had planned on getting with hat money earned. Visualize hats being sold. The weekend looks to be cool and clear--good hat selling weather. Only two more Saturdays to make my fortune, then the season is over.
This was a great day. The girls and I hit the library for the first time in forever. Which means I got the Consumer Reports Digital Camera Article. I may actually have pictures in a day or two. Then peach smoothies for the girls and a Cafe au Lait for me, and we slowly meandered to the aforementioned LYS. I managed to stay patient, even when one smoothie crashed to the sidewalk. My parenting skills are amazing when yarn is involved. I can't really think of too many examples of when yarn is involved with parenting....Anyway, we got there and there were toys! Yay! I shopped quickly, finished, and they were still playing. I shopped more. Blame the toys for the sum of money spent. Then briefly to the book store, until I realized we had 6 minutes to get back to the car (3 blocks away) before we were ripe for a ticket. And "look mommy, it's raining." But we made it. Then to the wild bird supply store (mildly stressful but still fun), a stop at the coop for a cookie and then home. Why do those 59 cent cookies always end up costing me $40?
I let the girls watch 2 kids documentaries from the library since it was rainy. I tried to simultaneously work on my Socktoberfest socks and the hats. I turned half a short-row heel, the going was slow because I am (for the first time) reinforcing the heel with another strand of sock yarn. So when I'm knitting 3 together, I'm really knitting 6 strands on size 1.5 needles. But I really think the heels will wear so much better. I really want to get some pictures of these in progress. And yet the hats loom. I finished a green one, and will finish another thistle one tonight. The thistle is Gusto 10, all the others up to now have been plymouth Yukon. I definitely prefer the Yukon. But the color is so nice. One of my scores today.
So, today I ended up with 4 skeins of Gusto, sage colored Kidsilk Haze, and blood red Kid Seta, both slated for more airy scarves from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (so good), Heirloom Jigsaw (more sock yarn of course), and a beautiful slightly variegated dark blue alpaca for another project from LMKG, (Top secret Christmas gift). All and all a good day.


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