Saturday, October 22, 2005

This day has been a long one, after a long one yesterday. Not bad long, just long. Two days in a row when S very much needed a nap, so had one, and then stayed up soo late. Like, Mommy-can't-handle-it-because-I-need-my-space late. I mean, I usually can reset myself, accept the reality, and look at her sweetness and realize she will grow up too soon. That usually works for a while, but then when she stays up really late, I just get weary. Last night was a weary night. Tonight they both stayed up, but not nearly as late (therefore I can post).
I can't for the life of me remember yesterday. I'm sure we did some things. Oh yeah, we moved the big chicken tractor to a totally new spot. Then DH, I and I moved the 17 chickens, one by one to the new spot. That was fun. Especially catching the last, very fast one with I.
Today, I got a box of goodies in the mail: KNITTING BOOKS! I succumbed (again sadly) to one of those 4 books 4 bucks book clubs. So I got, (a camera would be great here): Knitting Over the Edge, Scarf Style, Simple Socks, and Sensational Knitted Socks. I'm most excited about that last one. SKS is one of those books that I had glanced at, but it didn't seem llike much until I really started looking at it. Socks-all sizes, all gauges, toe up, top down, 4 dpn, 5 dpn, or 2 circulars. It's all there. (I'm such a knitting geek). Now, I pretty much have my sock pattern that I do over and over in it's various sizes, but what I'm jazzed about in this book is that it's divided into chapters, 4 stitch paterns, 5 stitch, 6, etc, plus a bit of fair isle, mosaic, etc. That's what I can work with for a long time. I'm burning out a bit on pure stockinette. (Non-knitters out there bear with me--it's just who I am.) I was so excited, I found a pattern to do the top of S's koolaid dyed sock, (I just turned the heal last night) because I couldn't wait to do a whole foot of another one before starting. The koolaid variagation hides a bit of the pattern, but S is happy with it, and I'm happy to do it. (camera would be really nice here). And as I hoped, even with lots of purling, YO's, and K2togs, it seemed to go fast because it was interesting.
Aside from the books, only sold 3 hats today at farmer's market. So much for my wild yarn buying binge plans. But there's next week.
So the excitement of this evening, besides riviting knitting stories, is the fish. The girls and I got a fish. That'll teach DH to drop us off at Petsmart when he has to go to the hardware. We had planned on two goldfish, but instead we brought home one beta: Swimmy Lookout. That's his name. You can safely allow a 3 yo and a 6 yo to name your fish. Low risk. Apparently goldfish are "dirty" fish, and beta are much cleaner. But you can only have one or they will fight each other. Clean and mean. I feel a little sorry for the lonely bugger though. And I'm still hoping to find a couple clean, well mannered goldfish someday.
Man though, hampsters and ginuee pigs are cute. Help me, small pets are a slippery slope. Right Andy? Did I mention we adopted a cat and a kitten two weeks ago? Maybe Noah is one of my ancestors. Well, clearly he is.
It's late, the girls are asleep, so there are socks to be knitted. And a hundred other projects. Socks, I just love 'em.


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Blogger Shannon said...

I totally hear you on the staying up late. I've been up past midnight just to have some quiet time!

11:21 AM  

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