Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Look What Followed Me Home: More yarn of course. And a digital camera, finally. But that was actually last night, when Shiloh and I went on a late night cookie (eh, I mean grocery) run. The instruction manual, however, was more complex than a physics text, so only tonight am I getting around to taking pictures. I am tempted to post zillions of pictures, but will wait until there is sunshine.
Nevertheless, there is yarn. Sockotta color 621, which is knitting up even more beautifully than I thought it would. You maybe can see the little nub of a sock toe behind the other skein. On the left we have a skein of araucania nature wool. Three more skeins of this and I willhave enough for the as yet undecided sweater, although it will probably be the hourglass from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Not in the picture (I will wait for lighting) are 4 more skeins of cash iroha, destined to become take one of same said sweater (I am in love with that sweater). I am bringing home the iroha bit by bit, so I won't catch on to how expensive this sweater is going to be. All in all a very good yarn day.
It's late. I worked today. Now it's time to knit socks and veg. More pictures forthcoming. HURRAH


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