Friday, October 28, 2005

Ooh, I Love the Sunshine! I finally got some pictures yesterday before the sun wandered off again. So, let's see. First, obviously, still learning to use the camera. Okay, so on the bottom left is one of my (many) started Socktoberfest socks. It is not done. See its umbilical cord off to motherskein on the left. The yarn is Trekking XXL color 100, and the heel is reinforced with Stahlwolle Socka. Above on the right is my small but growing pile of cash iroha for my Hourglass sweater. I can't believe I have resisted the urge to start it but I am completely sock-sumed. But I am totally excited about making this sweater with this oh so luscious yarn. I tried to convince myself to do it in something less expensive, but the little swatch that I did kept following me around saying "yessss, but feel me." I will get to it. Apparently my plan is to stockpile sock yarn until civilization collapses, at which time I will build my empire. As witnessed by the top left photo. Let me digress here for a second just to say that the sockyarn photo was supposed to be below here. I loaded the picture after I had been writing, but it went to the top and bumped the sock picture down. I cannot figure how to move it or even get rid of it. So I guess that's the last photo I'll post tonight. Okay, back to the yarn. So here is a collection of stuff that came to me this week. It was ordered on a day that I could not get enough space from the girls. Man, Shiloh is so going through some separation anxiety right now. Anyway, I decided that that is just how life is right now, that I should realize that someday she might more space from me than I like. And that until then, I should order more yarn. Makes total sense, right?, Knitpicks. My first taste of these particular yarns. I got Essentials in fawn, pumpkin, grass, and just one skein of black (for heel reinforcing). The green stripey one is Parade in forest. I can't get enough of this type of yarn. And Sock Landscapes in New England Foliage, Sock Garden in Hollyberry. Also I got one skein of palette to see how it looks. I LOVE Jamieson and Smith, but it's price keeps creeping up. The palette looks pretty good. The pure merino sock garden and landscapes are for special occasion socks for me. I'm way too hard on my socks to wear them too much. The solids are for trying out some of the great patterns in Sensational Knitted Socks. Okay, the computer is against me tonight (Why should tonight be any different?). I think my font size is going to be wacky. But I'm getting too tired to even try to care.
Real quick: Shiloh's socks on the last post were made from knitpicks color your own sockweight merino. She and Iva each dyed their own skein with Koolaid. I'll get Iva's on here eventually. And I think I have enough left over form the two skeins to make myself a pair. Although I'm not sure I want koolaid socks. The pattern is my standard toe-up at maybe 7 st/inch on size 2's. The top is from SKS, the lacy rib pattern. I really liked it, and will do it again on solid yarn for a much better effect. The funny things are: 1) they are already felting on the bottom from her little busy feet in shoes. And 2) she's decided she likes to wear one at a time, paired with a speckled regia sock from last season. The color tones match. Right on. I LOVE that my kids prefer my socks far above all others. Okay, well, there are still socks to be knitted.


Blogger Laura said...

I love the Trekking sock! Those colors are gorgeous. And Shiloh's socks are really pretty too.

3:36 AM  
Blogger Fannie Pie said...

Love the trekking sock! All your socks are very pretty, I'll have to try the dye your own stuff from knitpicks!

Also to move pictures around in blogger, you just click on them and drag them wherever you like, the words will move around them. When you upload photos they always show up at the top of the blog entry you're typing. Hope that helps, Happy knitting!

7:06 AM  
Blogger Anny said...

The socks look great. And what a great idea to let the little ones dye their own sock yarn...with kool-aid no less ;0) Sounds like so much fun. I hope I remember to do that when my little guy gets older.


7:43 AM  
Blogger Iris said...

I'm planning on starting those same Trekking 100 socks sometime soon and I have that same green striped KnitPicks sock yarn, too. The New England Foliage sock yarn looks beautiful, too. I'll watch to see how it knits up for you.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Lolly said...

Love the Trekking with the pumpkin--what a cute shot :) Trekking yarn is so lovely--my first socks were in Trekking!

8:38 PM  

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