Monday, October 31, 2005

What a Big Day! My day was crazy long and pretty great. Yesterday the girls and I decided we would have a "party" (term used very loosely) today to celebrate Halloween. Our house, with us and my folks (that is, mom and dad). Bear in mind, yesterday I'm tired because S was up a lot the night before with a stuffy nose. My house is a wreck. And Target is all out of gummi worms for the decided on cupcakes. Thank goodness for gummi fish and FINGERS! So this morning, both girls are a bit snotty and fussy. K carves pumpkins with them, then we do a little Halloween craft project. I panic at this point because lunch (ie party) is in an hour, the kids still aren't ready to go on cruise control, and I can't find my kitchen table under the debris of life. Okay, calm down. I finally eat. Food for me is often a forgotten and annoying necessity. I love food, but lately it's just one more thing, you know? Anyway, the girls and I make the cupcakes, and the icing. (Sidenote: this is our favorite icing: Organic whip cream, whipped with maybe 2T of powdered sugar. And in this case, orange food coloring :( They love it and we pile it on thick.) Meanwhile, K goes to my cousin's house to pick up a great couch and big stuffed chair, and tons of hand-me-downs for Iva. Dinner goes well.
The furniture couldn't come in because the ladybugs emerged today. This is a weird and awful phenomenon specific to our county, apparently. They are not real ladybugs, but some invasive knockoff. They stink terribly and bite. And when they emerge, there are hundreds of thousands of them in the air, in your hair, crawling all over your house, in your nose. K did a fair amount of swearing at them today. I would show you a photo, but they make it so miserable, you just stay in til they are done doing their thing. Maybe if they are at it tomorrow, I'll be braver. Anyway, the couch is in now and so nice compared to our old futon. Plus I and S strung the 3 big bags of hand-me-downs across the living room. House still a wreck.
Swimmy the fish is living large in his new mansion. And attacking his reflection repeatedly, now that he is not lethargic from cold. Tomorrow we are to get some other (non-betta) fish to add, but there is a chance he'll go after there if he is "evil" as the fish-lady said. The saga continues. He's freaking me out a bit. What was I thinking? I'm a passivist with a hyper aggressive fish.
BUT, this sock is done. I'll get a done pic tomorrow, as well as the done Trekking sock. I just finished binding it off while I waited for the photo to be loaded again. Since somehow I made it disappear. I'm so good at this. Socktoberfest is almost over, and I have so many more socks I'm anxious to do. But I also have a fair number of other projects that have been in a holding pattern the past couple of weeks. Once I finished these two pair, I'll probably shift focus a bit. Or atleast expand my focus. Is that possible?
Iva keeps waking up. Man, she hates a stuffy nose. I'm done. It's been a long interesting day.


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