Monday, October 31, 2005

A Couple of Socks, But Not a Pair. I managed to polish off these two socks just under the wire for Socktoberfest. I'm so happy with both of them. The shorty top is the sockotta #621. The other is Trekking XXL #100. Both are toe up, on size US1.5. Shorty top is over 72 stitches and Trekking is over 60 stitches. I'm wearing the Trekking sock, mated with another, previously knit sock. Guess I get that from Shiloh. Socktoberfest was amazing. So many knitters making such beautiful socks! Well, the ladybugs are definitely back today. I took some pictures, but it's hard to capture full effect. I'm going to add to this post tonight, but I did want to get these socks up today. Now I must go see Iva's pretend pet baby frog. PM addition: I live in a land of socks and ladybugs and massive amounts of laundry and tiny plastic toys. I so dislike plastic toys. We totally avoided them for so long, and yet once you just crack the door, WHAM, in flies the plastic. We definitely avoid the worst ones. Oh, who am I kidding, they are all gross. I guess at some point alternative becomes conservative. I've been told I am very conservative because we don't have TV (just some videos). And I guess I am conservative because I think those "bratz" dolls are offensive in about 67 different ways. If you don't know what I'm talking about, there is probably an entire aisle of them at your local department store. Now there are "baby bratz". Ugh. I can't even go into it. My kids like playmobil toys. We're pretty careful to choose the bucolic ones. Although K needed a small Viking set. But some of the pieces are tiny. I'm talking cups that are 3/8" tall, etc. So I am constantly accidentally kicking whatever is left out (and it's plenty) across the wood floor as I am walking around knitting socks, vacuuming ladybugs, doing laundry, and picking up toys. Maybe I should vacuum up the toys, ladybugs and the laundry and just knit more socks. I think I'll do that. Later.


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They are BOTH so pretty! I love the colors :)

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