Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm Back... December was an odd month for me in ways I can figure out, and in some ways I can't . The thing with blogging, I can't knit and type. Anyway, I am trying again. Maybe there is someone out there who might still find my existence. I think I need to live in southern Italy or Mexico, or someplace equally sunny. Italy...Better yarn. Part of my absence I'll leave as nonexistence. Part of it I'll explain as I have the energy. First of all it started because I was having major problems with my blog host. Hopefully that is over. Then, I think I had a semi-serious knitting crisis. I stalled out after the full-skein sock that I had to rip. I will actually finish that pair tonight. People talk about second sock syndrome--how about THIRD sock syndrome?! Actually, I've been cranking on this one because I'm so psyched to finally get to wear them tomorrow.. In fact, I think I'm going to finish them now. I'll get back on the photos soon. Maybe tomorrow I can photograph the vest I made for Keith for Christmas...I'll save the details of that disaster until my socks are on my feet.


Anonymous Siri said...

Welcome back. I hear you about the darkness and being in a knitting funk. Nothing much is inspiring as of late. I've been thinking of cutting back on the blogging and trying to refocuse on my life RIGHT HERE, instead of the virtual one out there online. Seems that people are either sick with the flu or going through various funky moods. You're not alone.
I'm not sure if I'm making any sense.
Hope those socks are cozy warm.

11:57 PM  

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