Friday, November 25, 2005

Inspiration and Vexation: Just when one gets a bit cocky as a knitter, the universe makes sure it bites said knitter in the arse. So, I should definitely beware when, after say a sock class, I make comments like "why can't they do the figure 8 cast on? I do it all the time, and I didn't have anyone to show me how to do it." Time for humble pie. So, this wonderfully long sock that I finished is just a scunch too snug (like 4 stitches). I thought I would try it a little bit narrower. I pulled one of those "it'll be okay" deals each time I tried it on. It is not okay. There is, apparently, a reason I always have made my socks the size I have always made them. Because that's the way I like them to fit, that's why. So, this FO is a finished, fantastic, f****ed, and about to be frogged object. But, I did accomplish something I always wanted to do: I used an entire skein for one sock. Another lesson learned: I don't like my socks that tall. Love that Humble pie, another slice please. So, below is my new most favorite book. Mittens. Oh, how fickle am I? But seriously, this is a re-release of two previous books by Robin Hansen, and is totally cool. This is a collection of traditional mittens from Maine and the Northeast coast. These folks know how to make warm mittens. My first mitten(s) are so exciting. The first one went slow because there were several new techniques I had to work through, as well as some instructions that I feel could have been a bit more clearly written, and a bit of wonky math. Nevertheless, I am totally HONKED on this book. I'm a sucker for ethnic knitting, and mittens hold the same lure (I'm learning) as do socks. Short but sweet (sometimes bittersweet) and tons of variety. Plus, the potential to bust stash backlog. So, of course the second mitten went much faster, since I knew what I was doing, right? Huh, that's funny how the decreases at the fingertip didn't work out the same as the first one. But it looks okay, keep moving. Let's crank out the thumb so I can start another pair. OH holy mittens so that's why. I had put two too many stitches on my thumb waste yarn. Just two stitches. But see how the thumb is? Those brilliant stripes perfectly branching off the main? I could fudge it or rip it. What would you do? What would the old ladies in Maine do? (Or the young ladies, as an old lady would never have made this goof) I had to sleep on it. Rip it, rip it good. I am stuffed on pie, thanks much. 4 sock stitches + 2 mitten stitches = a lot of extra knitting opportunity. We all have learning to do. And between the annoying skinny sock and the mitten affair, all those six pair of socks are sitting dejected. I had not touched a sock since Tuesday. Until last night. After being jilted by the striped mitten, I went home to the comfort of my familiar sock. I started the second of the pair of the one above. I don't have the nerve to rip the first one until I knit the second one. Then at least if things fall apart, I still have a pair (be it ever so imperfect). I love knitting.


Anonymous Sydney said...

Oh, that's one looong sock. That's too bad about frogging it. Every now and then I think about making a long sock but I'm not sure I would like it after all that knitting.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I've enjoyed them.

6:14 AM  
Blogger Nicola said...

Hi Aimee, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your knitting! The "Favorite Mittens" book is sooo on my Christmas Wishlist. Great to meet another homeschool-knitter!

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Siri said...

You're feet will be happy when they're wearing those socks. I've made a pair from that colorway and they're one of my favorites.
I bypassed looking at that mitten book a couple weeks ago at a bookstore, blowing it off as probably being a bit too 80's. Maybe I'll have to give it another chance.

9:54 AM  

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