Sunday, November 20, 2005

What Is This Insanity? Yes, that's right. You are seeing that I have 6, SIX socks started at the same time. It's so shameful. My other projects are looking at me accusingly from my dusty knitting basket/heap. In fact, I actually pulled the needles out of one sock to start the "Christmas" sock. I want to have them done by December 10, my extended family''s party day. The sock from which I filched the needles is a cotton/wool blend, so they are really spring/summer socks, so can wait. But still, it says something that I have enough small double points to have 5 socks on the needles.
So what do we have here? At the top, the cream, is woolease. A cuff down, with 3x1 ribbing, with a traditional heel flap from Nancy Lindberg's sock pattern. I decided I wanted to do a heel flap just for fun. Next, clockwise, is my FAVE: Steinbach Wolle Sport. This sock is almost done, toe-up, with 3x1 rib, and I am determined to use the entire skein. Next is debbie bliss baby cashmerino in red, knitpicks dancing, in hoedown (I think), then Knitpicks sockgarden in Hollyberry. This is the first pure merino (ie no nylon) sock I've done for me. It's very soft but I don't think too durable. But I just hope it';ll make it through Christmas. I used a new toe start on this one, so that was fun. Then finally, the green is knitpicks essentials in grass, toe-up, using a beaded rib from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. That book is largely responsible for this sockiness. I've always done socks, but now I'm seeing them sort of like shawls, but on a smaller, less expensive scale. And I actually where these everyday, unlike all my shawls. My head is swimming with pattern choices for the tops of all these socks. And what lies ahead? Well these, among others. Here is my new, long awaited Mountain Colors bearfoot (the little ball in the front) in "mountain tango". Behind it are two more Steinbach Wolle aktiv effekt, colors 07 and 08. I know at some point I'll go back to my standard no brainer sock that I always do, but right now I'm giddy with sock schemes. That little foot on the right is Shiloh's, with her newest socks on.
SO, I noticed that for some reason my settings got switched (it wasn't me--it couldn't have been..) and would not allow comments for awhile. Got that fixed now, I think.
IN other news, no more fish have died. I've had enough pet death this year. Olee, our 18yo crotchety male cat (he took pride, I think, in his crotchetiness, so it's no insult). Then Ginger cat disappeared. So sad, she was only about 10. Then Swimmy and 2 zebra danios (fish). And then Jake. Ugh. But, looked at another direction, we still have Miss Biddie, 13yo kitty, PJ, 8yo toughcat, Elly, 8yo doggy, plus the two new cats: Cleo, 3yo and Fern, 4 months. Plus fish. And 25 hens. What are we, the funny farm? It's not funny. Socks, fur, and eggs. That's us. Off I go to sock land.


Blogger Ruth said...

I love "Sensational Socks". I have the basketweave socks on the needles right now, and after reading your post I can hear them calling my name ...

4:18 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

"Sensational Knitted Socks". But you knew that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

4:19 AM  

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