Thursday, January 12, 2006

Some Of What I've Been Up To: Here are some of the socks that I started when I had the insane idea of working on 6 different pair of socks at the same time. Don't get me wrong: insane yes, but I have not changed my behavior. I still have atleast that many pair going now. What is happening to me? I have enough Cash Iroha stockpiled to do my hourglass sweater, and still it's all socks. Anyway, let's see here. On the left you see the pair of socks that I love, and that almost sent me over the edge. These two socks represent three socks knitted. You mean you can't see the first? Well, it's there, ripped and reknitted into the third. But oh, I do LOVE that colorway. It's Steinbache Wolle Strapez Ringel. I did a 3X1 rib top. And why buy new jeans when I can spend the money on sock yarn? On the right are my Christmas socks. Yes, they were done in time for all Christmas parties. Funny, I hated doing the toe reinforcement. After I finished the second one, I noticed that I did not bother going near as far with it on the first one. But it's pure merino, and I just don't have much faith in the durability of these babies. They will now go in the drawer until next Christmas. Made from Knitpicks sock garden hollyberry, with a GS rib top. Next, we have gobs of koolaid microwave dyed wool. The dark Burgundy color at the back is regia (white) dyed with 2 black cherry, 1 grape per skein. These are going to be socks (Surprise!), "gentlemen's shooting stockings" from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. Well, so, I might as well tell you. So, I have looked at this book many times at work. It has grown on me. So, in an effort to be good, I stop by the library to see if they have it. They don't. But I check out Folk Socks and Knitting On the Road, neither one of which have I ever been totally smitten with. But, they too grew on me. So, the next thing I know, I'm ordering (guess!) more sock yarn. From Nancy Bush. Enough to do Finnish socks for me and Amber socks for Keith. (He said he really liked them, and did not immediately strike down the whole ordering idea, so I acted quickly.) And then so, at work the next day, I of course bought the vintage socks book, AND 3 skeins of Jawoll to make these:
These are the Evening Stockings. Oh, knee socks. Oh joy! I picked a more practical color for me. This pattern is such a pleasure. And the shooting socks are next.

So let's review: In an attempt to save money, I ended up buying a book, 3 skeins of Jawoll, 8 skeins of wooly west happy trails, and 2 skeins of regia. Beware the innocent public library. So, there's 4 more pair of socks waiting on me. There's more going on. But I think I'm getting a little embarrassed.
Did I mention that Shiloh actually asked me to make her some kneesocks? Be still my heart. So I must go. She is so impatient for them that I have to finish one tonight or she is going to make me bind it off tomorrow, however short it is. But, this is only 48 stitches and I only have 3 inches to go. Someday I will begin to reveal the shameful amount of yarn, knitting books and roving I got for Christmas.


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