Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm on A Diet! A project diet, that is. I call it the 2 for 1 diet. For each two projects I complete, I am allowed to start one new one. Until things get under control or I binge. I decided this last night. I was adamant and enthusiastic all morning. The first project to be completed will be Shiloh's knee socks ( I have one done) and then probably the woolease socks that at the 1 1/2 socks stage. The first project to start after that is to be Keith's amber socks. I've used this diet before, and it works pretty well, because I have to choose my new projects carefully. Once they are started, there are no more new ones until two more projects are finito. It is flexible: I can work on any or all of my different knits whenever. As long as two somethings get done.
But you know what came in the mail today? The happy trails sock yarn. The siren song that left me crashed upon the rocks. Poor, innocent Shiloh. I said (speaking to Keith) "I'm starting your socks." Shiloh said "my second knee sock!!", very excitedly. Me: "um, well, yes, I have your sock started too." Okay, so I did a little amber socks swatching, but now I am decidedly back on the wagon. I have to get the knee socks done before I consider cheating again.
Another funny bit about the new yarn. Not so much funny haha, more like funny "oh crap". I got seven rather that eight skeins. I am short one. I don't know if I ordered wrong or it was written down wrong. All I can say is I meant to order two "fleece". So I need to order another. More shipping. Remember yesterday, how I was listing the cost of stopping by the library? Add this on. So, here's the question: Do I just order the one skein I need, and pay $4.50 shipping on a $5.75 ball of yarn, or do I order some other yarn (to make the shipping less of a percentage) that I had planned on ordering later, when I had squirreled away more cash? Well, the good news is that I called, and she (Nancy Bush!) is going to set aside the one in the dye lot, until I call to order more. I looove the yarn. Pictures and details next time. Right now, I have a sock to work on, and a movie to watch.


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I think we need a knitters who homeschool webring. What do you think?

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