Friday, January 27, 2006

Progress! I am making some progress. Actually even more than these show. I just can't seem to manage to remember to do photos during daylight hours. My diet is going moderately well. I am trying. I finished Shiloh's knee socks. Too cute. They are made from knitpicks sockgarden in "new england foliage". Toe up, hourglass heel, 3x1 rib top, with a bit of leg shaping and 1x1 rib at the tippy top. Very fun and fast.
Also, I finished yet another pair of socks from the famous "six pair at once" adventure. Who am I kidding: I have at least that many going now, I just haven't gathered photographic evidence. Very dark pic here, sorry. These are made from woolease. These are the first socks I've done in a really long time with the standard heel flap. I just thought I should give it a go, to see how it was now that I am better at picking up stitches, etc. It was really fun, I find I have a much greater appreciation for it now. In fact, I've been pouring over the library copy of "Folk Socks", which I now must own. And I have, well, let's just say, more socks going with that heel. Oh, I referred to Nancy Lindberg's "Knit to Fit Ankle or Calf Socks" pattern on this one. This is an excellent sock construction pattern. It's a great intro to sock knitting, and a good reference for sock design. I like these socks because I can save them for occasions when I need quiet, polite (bland) socks, yet the large gauge meant I didn't get completely bored before they finished. I did 3x1 rib on this one too. Siri at once mentioned that this was her sort of "standard" top, and I had never used it before. I've used it a few times now and like it. I do find that I have to be conscious to bind off more loosely than normal for some reason, but that's okay. That was one of the many lessons learned on Long Skinny Sock.
I am trying to stay the course. I will go now, as I have delusions of finishing Keith's amber socks for a surprise Valentine's day gift. Did I mention he wears a size 12 or 13 shoe?


Blogger Shannon said...

I love the knee socks. They look adorable!

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Latoya said...

Loving the socks. What have you knit lately? Can't wait to see more projects.
Knit on!

7:07 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Both pairs look great. I usually do short row heels, so I'm especially dazzled by how neat the heel flap and gusset looks!

How many skeins of Wool-Ease did they take?

1:49 PM  

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